Data Policy [2018-09-18]

Rights and Obligations of the Applicant
In order to receive the data of interest, the applicant has to submit this application form to dr. Andrea Cutini, the coordinator of the LIFE project "Shaping future forestry for sustainable coppices in Southern Europe: the legacy of past management trials" (LIFE FutureForCoppiceS).
The applicant has to fill the form with all requested information and declare in "Request description" box the intended use of the data requested, specifying the purpose in detail.
The data request is first evaluated by the project coordinator due to formal correctness. Hereafter, the project coordinator sends the request to the project's partners in charge of the specific data. Beneficiaries provide the data to the applicant in the most suitable aggregation level, depending on the request purpose.

Use of Data
The applicant is allowed to use the requested data only for the purpose described in the request form. It constitutes a breach of the agreement if data is submitted to other parties or used for purposes other than declared in the proposal.
The applicant is free to provide requested data to peer-reviewed journals for validation purposes on demand if the peer-reviewed journal does not request to publish this data.

Distribution of Results
Any publication based on data from the LIFE FutureForCoppiceS DB has to be provided to the project coordinator for publication on the LIFE FutureForCoppiceS website.

The applicant is obliged to properly acknowledge the origin of used data with following acknowledgement text in any publication:
"The evaluation was based on data collected within the LIFE FutureForCoppiceS project (LIFE14 ENV/IT/000514);"
For any form of graphical presentation of results (e.g. maps, tables, presentations) the following short label should be used including the hyperlink to the official LIFE FutureForCoppiceS website:
"Based on LIFE FutureForCoppiceS data;"

Sending this request, the applicant confirms to have read and understood the above intellectual property rules and publication policy of LIFE FutureForCoppiceS project and guarantees to maintain them.