Video Sustainable management of coppice forests

Watch new video on LIFE FutureForCoppiceS project and on Sustainable Forest Management of coppice forests in southern Europe


Layman Report F4C copertina

Layman's Report is the final summary report with information on the project, main objectives, actions carried out and results obtained.

The report, created in collaboration with Compagnia delle Foreste, can be freely downloaded at

Over one hundred and forty participants met in Arezzo (Italy) on 22th March, 2019 to the final workshop of the project.

FFC convegno finaleCoppice is an ancient forest system that has modeled the European forest landscape and features nowadays more than 10% of forest areas in Europe. Coppice forests are especially widespread in Southern Europe, where they characterize most hill and mountain areas. In spite of their diffusion and attributes, coppice forests are poorly accounted for within Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) scenarios.

Annual meeting del progetto

On 18-19 and 20 September, at the headquarters of CREA Research Centre for Forestry and Wood in Arezzo, project’s annual meeting was held which involved all the partners. The meeting was important to highlight the progress, both administrative and technical, of the actions still under way and to plan the events in anticipation of the final steps of the project.

Cost Action Pubblicazione Eurocoppice

After a long period of neglect, coppice forests have been back into the spotlight by the members of COST Action FP1301 EuroCoppice.

Now you can find the volume “Coppice Forests in Europe”, which is authored by 115 coppice experts, researchers and practitioners from 35 countries. It Is the most comprehensive volume on coppice forests in Europe to date and should be of interest to any academic or professional concerned with forestry and the environment.